Polsky Perlstein Architects, Marin County, CA Polsky Perlstein Architects is a Marin County-based architectural office. In partnership with our clients, we've created hundreds of thoughtfully designed projects throughout Northern California.

We like to think of our completed work as being designed to fit the homeowners' lifestyles 'like a glove'. All designs begin as a carefully considered response to the site, neighborhood context and the Owner's wishes. Our portfolio therefore displays a diverse range of creative solutions, reflecting the unique resolution of each project's constraints and opportunities.

Our process makes extensive use of perspective drawings (both computer generated and hand rendered) that promote a clear understanding of the ramifications of design decisions made through the course of the project. This enables us to smoothly progress through the various phases of design, approvals, documentation, permitting and construction, and to build cost effectively.

Collaborative clients and a dedicated staff have made Polsky Perlstein Architects a vibrant and creative practice for over 30 years. We're motivated by our clients and look forward to culturing a close working relationship throughout every project.